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Auto-Borne Sealer Mix Chart
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The AutoBorne™ Sealers Mix Chart is the perfect tool for properly mixing and testing of Sealer colors for your base coat. AutBorne Sealers not only create a sturdy foundation for your base coat color, but save time in application and ultimately save money, by reducing the amount of base coat needed for clean flawless coverage. AutoBorne sealers also aide in preventing blotching and streaking of base color, when proper sealer color is used in conjunction with your base color of choice.

Video: Spraying the AutoBorne Sealers

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AutoBorne™ Sealers are the evolution of custom painting. Gone are the days of excessive mid-coats for color saturation. AutoBorne™ color keyed sealers are the cost saving tool that custom painters have needed and wanted for years. AutoBorne™ Sealers will allow you to achieve basecoat color building for the ultimate custom look. AutoBorne™ sealers are also compatible with other waterborne or solvent-based basecoats. AutoBorne™ Sealers are universally VOC compliant in the United States, Canada and Europe.

AutoBorne™ Sealers offer performance without compromise:
•Reduce 9:1 4012 High Performance Reducer (10% per volume)
•Available in a Full Line of Colors for Color – Keyed Mid-Coat Application
•Excellent Durability and Tenacious Adhesion for Long Lasting Paintjobs
•Resists Cracking and Prevents Bleed Through From Underlying Fillers
•Does Not Require Sanding Prior to Application of Mid-Coat Paint and Top-Coat Clear
•Available in 8oz., 16oz., 32oz. and 1 – Gallon sizes
•Quick to Dry
•Easy to Sand

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