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Jeff Styles "Wood Graining w/ Createx"
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In this video you will learn the "Woodgrain Tricks of the Trade" with Jeff Styles, using the Createx Wicked color line. A 'Groud-Up' tutorial from base substrate to top coat, on proper application of Wicked Color's, using both Brush-On and Spray-On application techniques. Jeff teaches how to fix mistakes, should they happen, and of corse important tips and tricks along the way. This video is great for the beginner and advanced custom painters alike. 

Bio: Jeff “Styles” began striping in 1980 in Mesa, Arizona. He grew up watching his dad Don stripe and his curiosity got the best of him. So, his dad gave him a brush and some one- Shot paint. He began by striping his bicycle and anything else he could get his grubby little hands on.On the way home from school one day, he ran into the man who would become his mentor, Butch Tucker. Butch’r, as they called him,was and still is, a master pinstriper and artist, learning the trade of pinstriping from the king of pinstriping himself,Kenneth “Von Dutch” Howard. Butch’r took Jeff under his wing, teaching him everything he knew in the colorful world of pinstriping. Style’s passion for fine lines grew. He moved to Southern California a few years later and continued to stripe just about anything. He promoted his talent by pinstriping (for free) for the local body shops and car dealerships. Those businesses quickly realized how gifted Styles was and requested his pinstriping on a regular basis. Thus the life of “Styles Pinstriping” was born Although the simple straight line jobs were consistent, Styles knew the brush had endless possibilities. Picking up custom techniques from different local painters proved to be key in the next few years. Like most artists,Styles had an eye for one thing in particular and that was flames. His days of doodling flames on all his school books had paid off. He had mastered the art of flames. Not big gaudy, crab-claw flames but clean, sharp stretched out flames outlined with a hand pinstripe. People saw the flames Styles was capable of creating and the word spread quickly in the Hot Rod world. 

Run Time: 53min
File Size: 1.4 GB


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