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"No Joke" An In-Depth Mural Creation w/ Cory Saint Clair
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Cory Saint Clair is back at Coast Airbrush TV again, to add another very informative Portrait training video to our long list of intermediate and advanced training videos in his portrait series. This 2 and a half hour instruction video will cover the entire portrait process, starting from layout and design concept and finish off with the final detailing touches. This video is great for all skill levels, as you will develop and advance your skills throughout the video process. Even advanced artists can learn some great techniques in this video. Some of what you will learn in this title is listed below.    

Some Highlights Include:

Projecting & Tracing
Creating Visual Markers
Organic Texturing
Stippling w/ Airbrush
Back Washing Your Image
Tonal Washing Your Image
Using the Iwata MAC Valve
Using Flesh Tone Colors
Creating a Tonal Flesh Value
Building Layers in a Sequence
Soft & Hard Edges
Air Pressure and Reduction
Freehand Airbrushing
Shadowing / Highlighting
Erasing with the Helix
& Much More! 

Bio: Armed with only an airbrush, Cory Saint Clair is out to rewrite the book on automotive artwork. Cory Saint Clair flunked ninth grade art. Why? For not following the rules. Fifteen years later, not much has changed. The 34-year-old still isn't playing by the book, but ironically, today that's part of what makes him one of the premier airbrush artists in the industry. I would rather punch myself in the face than paint more flames and skulls, jokes Saint Clair, who's been trying to move away from what he feels is cliché, instead implementing a fine-art approach to his work. I'm tired of doing the evil stuff; I want to show that there's a whole other world to this, and that there are real artists in the airbrush game, he says. Aside from painting angels on a Lamborghini Gallardo, he is currently finishing a depiction of the Sistine Chapel on the headliner of his Dodge Magnum. For Saint Clair, it all started with a copy of Airbrush Action and an Iwata airbrush he received for his 12th birthday. Everything I learned was all self-taught, because I couldn't afford to go to an art school, he explains. I learned from magazines. Sometimes we didnt have enough money to get them, but my mom would always find a way to buy Airbrush Action, because she knew that was my only avenue. From the very beginning, Saint Clair was out to earn, and he quickly found a way to flip his passion for profit.  Today Saint Clair works on some of the top builds in the nation, including much of Asantis fleet. A job by the man himself could cost you upwards of $150,000, but as Cory says, If you have money to spend on a Lamborghini, you can afford to paint it to set it apart. Its just paint. Not a bad finish for the kid who failed art.

Run Time: 2hours 33min
File Size: 2.4 GB


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The Master at Work
  Very informative and well explained as always. Its a pleasure to watch Cory at work. You are awesome man
  Reviewed by:  christian christensen from Denmark. on 6/21/2017
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