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Realistic Eye Details with Steve Driscoll
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 NOTE: This is a Video Download and not a DVD. You will be sent your download link after checkout

In this video with Steve Driscoll you will learn how to utilize the airbrush, canvas and erasers to create photorealistic facial properties. With the use of only a few colors and some tools such as electric erasers, Exacto blades and an Airbrush, you will learn to create depth and life like facial features. Use these techniques with all of your portraits to create flawless paintings. He explains the use of his Flesh Tone set and how to utilize and manipulate the colors to achieve realistic skin tones. You may use other paints than used in this video to follow along and apply the skills he teaches. 

Bio: Steve Driscoll is one of the top airbrush artists in the country. He is self taught, and has the incredible ability to render things in a super photo-realistic manner. His first studio was in Las Vegas, where he did T-Shirts, portraits, and some automotive custom painting. In 1994 he started teaching canvas painting for Airbrush Action Magazine. Soon after that he moved to Chicago, and started a new studio there, where one of his top clients were Washburn Guitars and Nike Basketball. He then moved his studio to his home state of Minnesota. He splits his time between his art studio and working on automotive projects with his partner, Tracy Hilgers of TJ Design.

Recommended Materials:
Canvas / Illustration Board
Driscoll Wicked Flesh Tone Set
Electric Eraser
Type Eraser
Exacto Knife (#10 Blade) / Grifhold (#7-C Blade)

Length: 50min
File Size: 2.77 GB


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  Very informativ video. Steve expound it, so even a newbie as my self, can understand it. It will be very Nice, if the photo used in the vid always came with the download !!
  Reviewed by:  Carsten Bastholm from Denmark. on 7/3/2014
  All I can say is thank you coast!!!!! If you have been airbrushing as long as I have been there's not enough stars to rate the videos here. I have learned more in the past year then I ever have.all the videos are worth every penny, trust me!!! Thanks again.
  Reviewed by:  Aaron Altvatter from pittsburgh PA. on 1/9/2014
A must see!!!
  If you want to learn skin texture and realism, you need to watch this one. great video for new and old airbrush artists... Buy it!
  Reviewed by:  matthew henderson from Middletown N.Y.. on 12/17/2013
very very helpfull
  outstanding skills of teaching and an amazing artist ... thanks CoastAirbrush for having such a great videos
  Reviewed by:  Cazacenco Alexandru from Melbourne. on 9/11/2013
beginning airbrush artist
  Outstanding. Steve's teaching style is laid back but easy to follow and understand. After watching his videos I actually feel that I may bee able to do this myself!
  Reviewed by:  John Downs from Flower Mound, TX. on 7/18/2013
  I like this tutorial
  Reviewed by:  quinzi domenico from italy. on 10/13/2012
Excellent for more advanced techniques
  This video is a excellent addition to go along with Driscoll's other video of portrait painting. Goes more in-depth to details on skin texture and rendering of the eye.Also covers how to match colors to your reference and add highlights without using white paint. The techniques covered here could be used with any medium with slight adjustments.A must have video for anyone wanting to further their airbrushing.
  Reviewed by:  Thomas Druce from Alton , MO.. on 7/27/2012
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