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Texture FX Trio with Gerald Mendez
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NOTE: This is a Video Download and not a DVD. You will be sent your download link after checkout

 In this instructional video with Gerald Mendez you will learn the many uses that the Texture FX Templates have to offer and how to apply them. Gerald teaches 3 different pieces in this video with 2-1/2 hours of instruction. The first piece you will learn is a Sky portrait and how to create realistic clouds. Second, Gerald will show you how to create a killer skull mural with 2 skulls morphing into into one another. Lastly, Gerald teaches his secrets on creating a unique and realistic space scene. Each one of these tutorials is loaded with the Top Pro secrets and techniques Gerald has developed over many years of airbrushing. 

Some Highlights Include:
Freehand Template usage
Freehand masking
Creating depth with darks and lights
Realistic clouds
Realistic planets
Creating nebulas and stars
Dozens of texture techniques
Manipulating stencils
The use of Kandies
& Much More! 

Bio: Born in Mexico City, Gerald Mendez grew up surrounded by an artistic environment, all his life he was introduced to different aspects of art because of his father, who was an architectural model maker and also loved art. Gerald eventually worked on personal art projects when he started developing some artistic talents of his own at a young age. After his Graphic Design education in Mexico city, and a few jobs as a Technical Draftsman he discovered something that to him was a "magic tool" unlike any he had ever used: "the airbrush". He was intrigued about how this instrument could render such smooth blends and perfect detail that couldn't be matched by the tools he knew at the time. He tried different mediums like Oils, Acrylics, and Watercolors using basic techniques, but with no results compared with the Airbrush effects. In 1986, he moved to California and got a job as an Architecture Draftsman in Pasadena, California, he spent his first paycheck on a "Paashe VL" airbrush, and his first airbrush book: "Airbrush, the complete studio handbook by Radu Vero". He spent hours trying to discover how to handle this "magic tool" and improve his technique, trying to read and understand the book in english was hard for him since he didn't know the language. It was a struggle, at first he used the wrong paint, wrong airbrushes, and wrong techniques, because there was no one he could ask questions about airbrushing. At first he began practicing with illustrations, trying to apply these new applications to his old fashioned Graphic Design knowledge, next he learned how to airbrush on t-shirts, he opened his own business where he stayed for five years, learning how to work fast, accurately, and how to fix mistakes, this experience led him to work on metal, such as car hoods and motorcycles.Continued  

Run Time: 2hours 23min
File Size: 
Video 1: 1.02 GB
Video 2: 2.05 GB
Video 3: 2.19 GB


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Learned a couple new tricks
  I'm really pleased to have the stencils in my arsenal. The videos are nicely done and I learned a couple new ways to utilize the stencils, as well as different tricks for airbrushing.
  Reviewed by:  Mike Hoekstra from North Dakota. on 7/12/2015
a must have for any library!
  I purchased this video collection because I wanted to get the most of my texture FX templates,I had the large set and have since ordered the small. This collection is way more than creating texture, and the three videos that came is a great value for the price!
  Reviewed by:  john heide from Minnesota. on 6/19/2015
  Great videos from a GREAT MASTER and generous Teacher. Can't wait till the stencils arrive.
  Reviewed by:  Ella Chason from Hawaii. on 3/14/2015
Texture FX Trio with Gerald Mendez
  This was an excellent video set, both for the extensive content, and for the descriptive style Gerald has. He has a solid method many other presenters are missing in that he describes fully his intended result and overview of the method before beginning the project. This is key to keeping the viewer engaged and maintaining an understanding of where he is going in the steps.
  Reviewed by:  Scott Bahr from Saskatoon, SK Canada. on 3/11/2015
Texture FX with Gerald Mendez
  A very nice video showing step by step details in the creative process used by Gerald Mendez to create 3 texture filled projects. Nice camera work to show the detail Gerald creates with his signature stencil packs. He makes it look so easy! I learned a few tricks used by Gerald that I will begin trying out next time I get my airbrushes out. I would recommend this video to add to your collection of visual instruction!
  Reviewed by:  Brian Mundy from Charlottesville, VA. on 3/7/2014
  great video in 3 parts ....very easy to understand, Gerald Mendez is a very talented man and a good teacher !!! great great great
  Reviewed by:  christine fayoux from france. on 12/25/2013
  ВСё просто замечательно-а еслиб и субтитры на русском были-было бы как не бывает!
  Reviewed by:  nikolay zhavoronkov from Россия. on 7/21/2013
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